Just a Business Card?

Just a Business Card?

Is a Business Card just a Business Card?
Most commonly the business card is a means to introduce your company and personal details to other people, but can it be used for more!!!
At Print-it-247 we print thousands of business cards every day and therefore see a variety of uses for the common business card. Firstly remember that our business cards are printed in full colour to both sides as standard, but believe it or not more than 50% of the business cards we print for our clients are only printed on 1 side, therefore missing a great opportunity to promote additional services or even offer a discount.
Remember that we offer a FREE SAMPLE PACK!!!! service and in every pack there are lots of different examples to give you some great ideas for your own business cards.

10 Great Ideas for Business Cards

Discount cards
Use your business card as means to offer a discount - Example 10% saving on all purchases upon presentation of this card.
Membership Cards
For clubs and societies our business cards are matt laminated to both sides which really adds to their life span, they are also the perfect size for the wallet or purse.
Club Flyers
Traditionally the night club or club flyers are A6 in size and gloss U.V varnished to both sides. We have seen a lot of clubs now using the business card as a flyer as they fit in the pocket easily and therefore people are more likely to keep hold of them!
Pocket Calendar
If you have an event to promote or a regular meeting date then why not print a calendar on your business card once again maximizing the advertising space.
Service Cards
We have seen a lot of companies promoting their business or service on 1 side of their card and on the reverse promoting useful local telephone numbers, example Taxis Service, Hospital and Emergency Service numbers, again adding value to the business card ensuring that the holder keeps it to hand and more importantly keeping it for longer.
Fun Cards
Our business cards start at just £40.00 for 250 copies so they make an affordable fun card, with your favorite picture of yourself or your pet printed to 1 side and your message on reverse, they make a cool hand out for everyone!
Once again that handy business card size strikes again!!! Yes at 55x85mm it is that handy pocket size that makes them the perfect size for an invitation to a wedding or an event.
Collectors Cards
Looking to create a fun advertising campaign or promote your photographic portfolio then why not print a series of collectable cards with some creative designs, then you really can make them an item of desire.
Gift Tags
Add a simple hole to your business card and you have a desirable gift tag, where else can you buy 1,000 gift tags printed in full colour to both sides, matt laminated to both sides for just £85.00 including delivery to your door???
Of Course The Traditional Business Card
We almost forgot to mention the business card itself, it is an absolute winner, if you are looking for ideas then check out or amazing range of business card designs.

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